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Your Homegrown Hanover Team is the Very First and Only True Home-Grown Hanover Township Real Estate Group.

We are your personal team of real estate professionals who were born, raised, and still own in Hanover Township, NJ! Between us, we have over a combined 160 Years living and growing up in Hanover! We have attended every single public school in Hanover, all own properties in Hanover, have owned several businesses in town, played on every town sports league, served on town boards, created and run town websites, worked for our town news publications, been on Whippany Park Government, Homecoming, Varsity Sports, you name it!

AND, In addition to all of that, our group has a combined 400+ closed real estate transactions! We are also partnering with mortgage, attorneys, title co’s, and more that also hail from our hometown!

We are local and we are dedicated to making sure your real estate buying or selling experience is not only enjoyable but produces the best possible results.

We are YOUR true and original Hanover Township Experts- Real Estate and Otherwise! We are so excited to serve Our community in an even greater way.


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